the power of facebook ad retargeting

The Power Of Retargeting Facebook Ads

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If you’re a social media user then you’re probably already very familiar with the concept of Facebook Ads. They’re everywhere, and that’s because they work. Whilst it might seem straightforward, there are some important things you need to know to have successful ads.

This article will explain how Facebook ads work, how to manage them and what to do when they’re not performing as well as they should.

Why Should Your Business Use Facebook Ads?

If you are sick of waiting for your Facebook posts to reach all of your Facebook fans, then Facebook ads are the answer.

Facebook ads can be a great help in directing traffic to your website or Facebook page, and the right targeting will encourage Facebook users who may not already know about your company to like your Facebook page.

Not only do Facebook ads allow you to increase Facebook engagement, but they are also an easy way to improve your SEO by getting backlinks. You can choose which web pages you would like Facebook ads to be displayed on with Facebook’s targeting feature. If you are in e-commerce, it may make sense to advertise on pages that sell similar products or complementary items. This strategy will bring more targeted traffic and improve conversions through ad relevancy.

A Facebook ad campaign is a great tool to have in your digital strategy as it allows you to track who’s clicked on what ad – as well as those who haven’t! This means you can focus on those users your brand connects with, and work out what works well and what misses the mark.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?                                              

Facebook ads track your target audience and appear on the pages your customers are likely to visit. They identify this audience through their location, demographic and the information they’ve supplied on their profile. This insight means that the Facebook ad you pay for isn’t showing up for everyone and anyone (which would cost a ton), but to a specific audience who is likely to convert to engagement or a sale.

If a web user has visited your website and left, Facebook will keep track of their activity and will display them an ad on Facebook with a link back to your website. The ads appear on the left-hand side or in their news feed.

In much the same way Google Ads has a bidding system, Facebook ads allow you to set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions your ad receives.

The Ad Funnel:

An ad funnel describes the way a user interacts with your ad. This interaction can either be a positive or negative one, depending on what the ad is calling them to do.

If a user sees your ad, clicks on your website and then engages with or buys what you’re selling, the ad funnel has been a success.

However, sometimes a user will see your ad, be interested enough to click on it, browse through your products, but then leave without buying anything. This isn’t necessarily a failed ad, but it is where ad retargeting comes into play.

What Is Ad Retargeting?

Facebook ad retargeting means that you can pay Facebook to display your ads only to those who have already gone on your website. This gives you the chance to target people who’ve already shown interest in what you’re selling but didn’t convert to a sale the first time around.  

As well as this, Facebook ad retargeting may increase the time spent on your site – Facebook users who see your ad again and click through to purchase from you will be more likely to explore what you’re selling in more detail.

Does Retargeting Work?

Yes, retargeting ad campaigns are shown to be highly effective.

Facebook retargeting works because people tend to buy products that they have seen before or notice again after some time has passed. If you have ever bought something online and then received emails about that product for weeks afterwards, then you have been retargeted. It’s also the reason sites like amazon suggest products based on what you’ve already viewed within one session.

Ad retargeting works especially well for e-commerce businesses as they can target people who have visited your website intended to return to make a purchase but may have forgotten.


Facebook advertising is a great SEO tool to get Facebook likes and retargeting will help you convert the visitors you already have into customers. If they’ve already shown interest in your site by browsing through it, Facebook ads allow you to show them more of what they want and increase ad relevancy, so they are more likely to buy from you.


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