Web Design & Development

The team at AMS have a special love for web design and development.

AMS Digital Web Design and Development

We work with a range of clients across varied industries, offering tailored services to each business. We know your company’s website is the face of the brand, so we take extra care to ensure the finished product is exactly what they need.

Every business needs a website and creating one that matches your brand and your services makes a huge difference to your conversion rate. So don’t put it with a bog standard site that’s not doing anything for your business, and get the website of your dreams now.

Why choose AMS Digital?

The AMS team are knowledgeable about several website hosting platforms including WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify. The tools we frequently use to build out websites are Elementor, Wix and Divi Builder.

Our design and development process is:


Audit of existing site and competitor’s websites: this includes functionality, navigation, SEO, design and technical aspects.


Create sitemap: this is the foundation of the site that, once approved by the client, will be built.


Create high-fidelity wireframes: these are mock-ups of the website in image form and is used by our designers to communicate the look and feel of the proposed site.

Page Building

Build website pages and add functionality: once everything has been approved by the client, we proceed to build out the website.

Responsiveness Testing

Our responsiveness testing helps identify and fix any layout, design, or functionality issues that may arise, enabling a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Site Launch & Monitoring

Once the site is live we monitor its performance to ensure it is working to the best of its ability and being indexed on Google and other search engines. 

Our project deliverables:

Actionable Strategy

Clear Communication

Measurable Results

Ongoing Support

Take a step in the right direction.