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Let’s be honest, content creation is time consuming. The moment you publish something new on your site, it’s time to start the next piece. You can never get on top of it, and sometimes, it feels like you’re drowning in it.

Why is Content Creation important?

Content is your currency online. It’s everywhere and users consume masses of it every day. Without content to attract an audience to your site, it’s essentially obsolete. But not all content is good, and to stand out from the crowd it’s important that you produce content that is worthwhile. Content creation is the best inbound marketing technique at your disposal. The free and useful information you’re providing will attract new customers or retain existing ones. Regularly updating your site with valuable content will ensure business and audience growth.

Regularly updating your site with valuable content will ensure business and audience growth.  

Why is a good blog strategy important?

Blogs can be your superpower. They’re listed as the fifth most trusted format for information, behind credible news sources and Facebook, so you know there’s a hungry audience out there looking for content. Plus, it’s well established that blogs increase search engine traffic to your site so there isn’t really a good reason not to have one. 

Whilst anyone and everyone can start a blog, you want to run one that stands out from the crowd.

A good blog strategy gives you the best chance to succeed in the blogging space. It ensures that you create content that is valuable to users and stops you creating content just because you have a deadline to meet. Your strategy should outline the type of content you want to produce, the tone you want to use, who your target audience is, and what posting schedule is realistic. It should also address your marketing strategy- how you will get your blog seen.

blog strategy experts gold coast

How we can help with content:



Copywriting is one of the most powerful marketing tools. We use copywriting skills to attract users to your site and grow your audience through blog posts, sale pages, emails/newsletters, brochures, press releases, social media. 


Website Page Content Writing

We write relevant content for your website which is designed to attract your target audience through the use of keywords.


Blog Post Strategy

We sit down with you and help you formulate a realistic strategy that will ensure you produce regular content that is to a high standard and works with your brand. 


Blog Post Writing

Content writing for blogs can be time consuming and tiring. We help you produce content that you can be proud to put your name to whilst allowing you to stick to your content schedule.


Social Media Content

This can be Instagram or Facebook posts and includes the production of content as well as drawing up a posting schedule that you can stick to.


LinkedIn Content

Depending on the type of business you have LinkedIn can be your best tool to connect with like-minded people and attract a broader audience. We can help you write valuable content for your company’s LinkedIn page.


Lead Magnet Creation

Lead Magnets are a marketing tool used to gather contact information from your site’s users in exchange for a free piece of content or service. We help you work out what content will be best for your target audience and assist in the writing process.

Our content creation process:

We produce quality content that will grow your audience and get search engines on your side. Letting AMS Digital produce content for your site ensures that it gets done, that you can stick to your schedule, and the content is of a high quality.


Before we write a single word, we sit down with you and get to really know and understand your business. We make sure that what we produce aligns with your vision, helps you to achieve your goals, and draws the right audience to your site. We discuss brand management, backlinks, and SEO techniques.  Once we know exactly what you need, we can begin to produce the content that works best for you. 


We dedicate time to researching your industry, and making sure that the content we produce is innovative and valuable. Using a mixture of market data and customer research, we base our work on need, and never produce filler articles. 

Something Unique: 

Once we have completed our research, we think about how we can improve on the content that already exists, and write pieces that attract attention and draw viewers to your site. 


Remember that overused term keywords? Well they’re important. Everything you produce for your site needs to be full of them. We pay close attention to the keywords of your industry, and make sure we optimise them in the content we produce. This gives potential customers the best chance of finding you, and boosts your search engine rankings. 


We collaborate on when to release the content. Whether it’s an everyday piece, or related to an event or time of year, we optimise release times to get the best results. 


Not only do we create the content, but we promote it too. Using digital PR methods, we ensure maximum exposure for your site. 

How we help with your site:


The Concept

If you want to develop a loyal audience who seeks out your content, you need to have a strong vision. We sit down with you and carefully plan the angle you want your blog to take, and brainstorm ideas on how to produce valuable content with a unique hook.


The Design

Your blog needs to be easily navigable and visually appealing. You want visitors to enjoy their time on your page and encourage them to stay and explore.


The Schedule

 Publishing new content regularly is the only way to maintain relevance and establish consistent visitors. Writing content is time consuming, so by letting us do it for you, you can be sure you’ll keep to your schedule.


The Quality

Forget the stress of content writing and wishy washy content. We do the hard work for you and ensure the quality of the content is maintained to a high standard. 


The Data

We keep up to date on your website’s data, analyzing what works and what keeps people on your blog.

Our project deliverables:

Actionable Strategy

Clear Communication

Measurable Results

Ongoing Support

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