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Google Business Profile Optimisation has had a few name changes over its lifetime. So maybe you know this tool as Google My Business or Local SEO. Or maybe you’re up to date with the digital world and you call it Google Business Profile Optimisation. Whatever name you know it by, this is a service that allows your business to create an online profile and be easily found on Google Maps.

Google Business Profile Optimisation is the process of getting a business ranked on Google Maps and on the ‘Map Pack’ in Google Search. Essentially, this service optimises Google Maps to attract the attention of potential customers.

AMS will help you optimise your Google My Business Profile.

The listing includes important information about your business such as your location, opening hours, contact details, photos and reviews. It’s the best way to reach customers local to your business and gives some personality or familiarity to your brand or service. 

The positive effects of Google Business Profile Optimisation are felt by businesses quickly – so what are you waiting for?

Why choose AMS Digital?

AMS Digital’s services offer set-up and monitoring of your Google Business listing.


Make sure you get the most out of your Google Business Profile!

The most important thing with Google Business Profile Optimisation is that your information and keywords are kept up to date, so you aren’t losing customers due to incorrect contact details, wrong opening times and missed search words. You also want good photos so customers get the right impression of your business and reviews that really reflect the quality of your service. These elements of a business listing can be hard to stay on top of, that’s why the team at AMS Digital monitors your listing so you don’t have to worry.

Your business listing on Google Maps is related to the keywords used in Google searches. Therefore, you want keyword specialists like AMS on your team. Our keyword research ensures your business is catching every search engine user who is looking for your business.

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