We get you more than rankings.
We get you cases.

We help law firms get more qualified leads through “blended” search marketing campaigns.

How We Can help your Law Firm

Decrease total monthly marketing spend

Increase inbound phone calls, leads and new cases

Increase total marketing return on investment (ROI)

Is Your Law Firm In A Constant Struggle To Generate Qualified Leads?

When it comes getting new cases for your law firm, there’s nothing more powerful than search engine marketing.

But… You probably already knew that. You’ve probably also invested in SEO or PPC at some point and got mediocre results (despite being promised otherwise).

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Peter Austin

Most law firms struggle because their strategy focuses on only one or two areas of search. To get meaningful results, we need to show up in EVERY SINGLE PART of Search. We deploy a “Blended” strategy targeting both paid and organic opportunities, which can effectively optimise not just to drive leads, but high value cases.

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Our Founder and Marketing Strategist will help you assess your current marketing efforts, your competitors and marketing goals. Together, we will identify the best next steps to grow your firm and determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

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A roadmap showing you everything you need to do to start getting more leads from search engines, including investment amount and timeline to results.

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If you accept our roadmap, we’ll get started building your campaigns. Most of our clients start getting leads within 14 days.

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Our Law Firm Marketing Package Includes:
  • Highly targeted paid ads campaigns
  • Top rankings in Google's organic listings
  • Expert content creation from experts
  • ROI tracking and reporting
  • Retargeting campaigns through Meta Ads

Download The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Law Firms

Set yourself up for success with our free Marketing Guide to Starting a Law Firm, supported by insights and advice from legal experts and successful founding partners. 

We did this for one law client, and we can for your firm too.

See how we helped Neilson Law, a family law practice in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, flourish online. With our tailored approach, we boosted their lead flow week by week. By optimising ads and crafting a compelling website, running a successful Google Ads campaign paired with a strong retargeting Meta Ads campaign, we drove impressive results. Now, Neilson Law enjoys steady, high-quality leads at a lower cost. 

Ready to grow your law firm like never before? Let’s have a chat.

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You’ll know if we’re a fit after just one call

We can show you exactly what your website’s revenue potential is. Our analysts built a report that uses your data to construct accurate forecasts for how much traffic and leads you’re missing out on.


Why we are different from most agencies.

They’re focused on “traffic”, we are solely focused on generating new cases.

Most agencies are not fit to service law firms. Their strategies are out touch and they don’t understand the inner workings of your business.

I’ve worked with law firms for almost a decade, I know what you care about.

Not rankings, not traffic, not colorful charts and not even leads. New client cases.

Our entire process is built with that goal in mind, which is why we’re so damn effective at what we do.

From the way we operate to the way we structure our contracts, we’re not here to bill you for busy work, we’re here to help you land big cases.

Peter Austin, AMS Digital

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